Saturday, 10 July 2010

Spring Open 2010 BankART Open Studio Exhibition in Yokohama

4月からはじまった2ヶ月間のレジデンスのしめくくり、BankART Spring Open 2010展(Open Studio Exhibition)が行われました。私のスタジオではデスク周辺の普段の制作風景やドローイング、映像作品などを展示するとともに、今回のためにつくった新作パフォーマンス作品「惑星ミラーリス」を発表することができ、たくさんの方に見て頂き反響をいただけたのがとても貴重でした。


The final event of the 2 month residency at BankART NYK, Spring Open 2010 (Open Studio Exhibition) took place. I left my desk as my working space as it is during the exhibition, while showing some drawings, video works and performance piece. Especially for this occasion, I really appreciate many people came to see my latest performance piece "Planet Mirroris" and gave me various responses. My friend G.RINA has sneaked out from her very busy stage performances and came to see my performance which was very touching! Here is the pic with her. She also wrote about it in her blog.

In this 2 months of residency, I was able to focus on my art practice as much as I want in a spacious studio and also there were plenty of inspirational meeting with fellow artists, visitors and so on. I am very happy and thankful for having such an exciting experience.

Tokyo Wonderwall 2010

東京都現代美術展にて行われていたトーキョーワンダーウォール展無事終了しました。観に来てくださったみなさま本当にありがとうございます!今回の展示された私の立体作品「ZooLu Nation」と後ろの壁に展示されている絵に描かれた木がいい具合につながっていて、キュレーターの方の工夫を感じました!

Thank you for all the people who came to see my work at Tokyo Wonderwall exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo! I was impressed by the curator's idea of having my sculpture piece "ZooLu Nation" in front of other artist's painting which has similar tree in it. I liked the playfulness and the continuity found in the link between the two art works.