Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Artist talk at BankART Studio NYK






I had an opportunity to give an artist talk at BankART Studio NYK on 5th May. I love the relaxing atmosphere of the BankART pub but It is always a little thrilling to talk about my art in front of many people. I always feel embarrassed when I show my performance on a screen, and there I was looking down on my lap...

Big thanks to all the people who came to my talk and I especially appreciate people who asked me nice questions. I would like to develop my presentation and talk... hopefully for the next occasion.

After the talk, I went out to China town with my friend I know from London. We went to the restaurant called Santon, located off main street in Yokohama China town which is very famous for dumplings in soup. The dumplings were amazing and the rest of the food were also delicious. On top of the taste, I very much liked the atmosphere of the restaurant with unfriendly service that reminds me of Chinese restaurants in London. We were sentimentally reminiscent of the times we went to Chinese in Deptford after College events sometimes when we were at Goldsmiths. We are lucky to meet again and be able to have delicious food together in China town. I think art and chinese go well...