Monday, 14 December 2009

horror and girly fantasy: my childhood drawings

I found many of my childhood doodle in the storage in my parent's house. I also found my statement I wrote in junior high school, probably I was 14 then. They appeared really fresh at first but as I go through my notebooks, actually they are amazingly consistent with my art practice...I think. I like to call the whole feeling of my drawings "Horror Märchen(German word precisely used in Japan as to describe girly fairy tale, fantasy) ". Also there are some animals appear in my drawings. It's interesting that my drawings are not artworks intended to show to someone, but they are very raw record of my thought and practice. There are plenty of embarrassing drawings (e.g. bikini girls and friends, slight hint of sexuality) but I chose not to show it! The shocking fact is that my drawing skill hasn't developed much since my primary school era.


a note book titled "Shit"


a female ghost trying to kill someone

Archtecture plan of a dream house for my dog

me in a dog costume